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convince me

By Jaqui ·
tell me why I would want to switch to using windows.

why would I want to become vulnerable to 100% of viruses, 100% of exploits?
why would I want to become at the mercy of one company, that has no vested interest in keeping my business a going concern?
( I know linux and apple don't either, but linux at least wants compatability, and tries to address issues [ apple is as bad with macs as ms is with windows for proprietary ] )

what does windows offer that cannot be met with linux?

this is an opportunity for you to sell windows, go for it.

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Why not go even one better and use Unix..

by Black Panther In reply to convince me

A trusted 'propriety' brand like IBM's AIX or HP /UX? :)

Uptime ( as long as I want it to be )

Viruses ( none )

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Essentially because they successfully

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Why not go even one bette ...

targetted the OS at high end boxes not the home/utility PC.
Unix is seen as a big iron solution, the only time I've seen it used was way back when on things like the HP9000 series and more recently on Sun/Solaris Oracle DB boxes. Linux is already a far better attempt to break into the PC market than the rare attempts made at it with flavours of PC-Unix.
Uptime is not an issue for linux anymore than it is for Unix or VMS.
Unix/vendor ? beats linux on the support front, but that's only a worth while advantage in big time critical business solutions like say telecomms and banking. For a medium scale MIS server in non critical application it's not value for money.

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why not..

by Jaqui In reply to Why not go even one bette ...

use the original, bsd.
open bsd, netbsd, freebsd.
all closer to the original than commercial unix.
irix, is unix
beos is unix.
linux in a clone of unix.
( LINus' UniX or Linux Is Not UniX, both been used for the name, for both are valid )

all have the same benefits.

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I always thought Linux was built more off of Minix

by jmgarvin In reply to why not..

'Course Minix was a Mini-Unix... ;-)

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well, it's

by Jaqui In reply to I always thought Linux wa ...

part of the common history on learning linux books...

a computer science student asked on usenet if anyone wanted to help him write a clone of unix that would run on a 386.

this was the official birth of linux.

a couple of years later, they had this great kernel, but not much else.

meanwhile, had a great set of tools, but no kernel that was reliable.
they approached the linux-kernel group, and asked if they wanted to partner up.
creating the birth of
( GNU = GNU is Not Unix )

we are just to lazy to call it gnu linux and call it linux.
( the kernel obviously being the most important part of an os )

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A common misconception

by nighthawk808 In reply to I always thought Linux wa ...

This story sheds some light on that:,39020390,3**55268,00.htm

As for the credibility of the Microsoft de Tocqueville Institution, Slashdot has a nice one:
There's no defense against the truth.

A quick Google for the original Torvalds/Tannenbaum flame wars should prove both educating and entertaining. That may be one of the best flame wars ever.

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by Tony Hopkinson In reply to convince me

No can't
To stick with it yes, but to move to it, the arguments are going to be worse than those for switching the other way.

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by Jaqui In reply to Well

I figure we always see people complaining about windows getting bashed, yet they never have any praise for it.
lets give the rabid windows only people the chance.

let them show exactly why someone should use windows instead of linux, irix, *bsd, beos.

( 10 times as much software for the *x systems.
better security with the *x systems.
maybe .001% of the malware for *x systems. )

let the anti *x people give valid reasons to use it. :)

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support the economy?

by jdclyde In reply to Well

think of all the money you put back into the economy? Spyware checkers. Antivirus. Office products. OS. You are doing a public service by giving all of your money to other people.

The fact that you will end up with a less stable system is besides the point. Look at the greater good that is served here.

With you, it is all about me me me. :^O

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Go Go Go

by stargazerr In reply to support the economy?

Everyone should buy microsoft. Happiness is not the only thing in life after all

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