Cookie cleanup

By ggstart ·
I noticed cookies are being stored in two locations on a XP Pro (IE6) PC :
C:\Documents and Settings\username\Cookies
C:\Documents and Settings\ggstart\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files

The copies in the Temporary Internet Files and plain, but the copies in the Cookies directory have numbers (versions?).

The cookie cleanup routine (and Adware cleaner) only seen to clean up the Temporary Internet Files directory.

What the purpose of the Cookies directory and keeping all of the versions of cookies?
Is there a way to make sure both areas are cleared with the cookie cleanup routines?


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Depending on the Web Site involved

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Cookie cleanup

Cookies can be useful like here they allow to to see what you have read and what you have not read, They can also allow you to directly access a Web Site without the constant need to sign in so from that point of view they can be useful.

However they can also be a problem particularly to a Windows Based Computer as they can expose you to unintended actions.

If you want to make sure that you totally remove all Cookies and other rubbish that you pickup while Surfing the Web you need to use a Combination of Utilities Ad aware SE

Spy Bot S&amp

And Crap Cleaner

Should all be used regularly and updated Regularly and if you do this you should keep your computer reasonable clean. But the more that you spend time on the Internet the more often you will need to clean up your system so I would suggest to perform scans after updating all of the above products on a weekly basis and use that as a starting point to see if you need to scan more or less often.


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Thanks. Still have the question

by ggstart In reply to Depending on the Web Site ...

I still qould like to understand why there are two directories for each user for cookies. One seems (C:\Documents and Settings\ggstart\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files) to be easy to clean, even with the "Internet Options" from Microsoft. Spybot and Ad-Aware both do a goo job of cleaning this directory.
But all of the cookies, and a lot more, are also present in () -- with what looks like a version number. Short of manually cleaning, or deleting all cookies, how can I mananage both locations for cookies.
NOTE: some company applications require cookies to work so deleting all cookies would be a real pain.
Thanks in advance.

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Well the answer to that is that some cookies

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thanks. Still have the qu ...

Are directed to the Individual User Profile and the rest which are general purpose are sent to the Windows Folder by the different Web Sites.

You'll tend to fins the ones in Documents & Settings\Account Name\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Settings are the ones that contain a lot of the necessary information that is required for the Web Sites that you visit. Where as the ones in the Windows folder are more of the General Purpose Run of the mill cookies.

The problems develop on what Web Sites you visit as you need to know exactly which ones can be safely removed. Most of the time the ones in the User Account Local Settings are the ones that you need to leave alone while the ones in the Windows are safe to remove. Sorry but there is no easy answer to this question as it changes depending where on the web that you go.


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