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I have a site that I regularly visit that requires logging in. I have an assistant that regularly monitors postings and forwards the links in an email if she thinks I should take a look. I use firefox as my default browser. Sometimes the links work -- I am automatically logged in and the relevant information shows. Sometimes, the link doesn't -- I am re-directed to a page that says I have to go the homepage and sign in to view the content.

I have re-logged in and clicked "Remember..." a gazillion times. I have tried deleting my cookies, logging back in and clicking remeber. I have tried deleting signons3.txt and logging back in. I have done a full un-install and re-install.

Any other ideas would be tremendously appreciated.

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the cookies may be expiring

by Slayer_ In reply to Cookies

Nothing you can do about this.

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More cookie expiration informatoin

by quaquita In reply to the cookies may be expiri ...

Thanks Sinister! Any way to tell when a cookie will expire? Find out how long before it will expire?

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It's up to the web developer

by Slayer_ In reply to More cookie expiration in ...

to decide how long cookies last till they expire. FF could also be doing housekeeping on you.

This is all just a guess though, I have seen some sites randomly log me out aswell, gamespot and xfire are notorious for this. They could be making changes on their side aswell.

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Using Firefox "View Page Info"...

by trdaggett In reply to More cookie expiration in ...

If you are using Firefox you can right-click the page and select "View Page Info".
Note the web page name (at the top where it says "Web Site Identity") then click on the [View Cookies] button.
Locate the web site's cookies entry and expand it to show the cookies.
Click on each of the individual cookies listed there and at the bottom of the window in the "Cookie Details" will be the "Expires" date.

To make it quicker to check cookie information *I* use a Firefox add-on called "View Cookies".
It adds a section to the "View Page Info" that shows the cookies for the page you're on so you don't have to open up the whole View Cookies section and search for the specific cookie/URL.

I copied the URL for the add-on if you want to check it out: <>

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