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Cool Network Admin Tool: VNC Scan

By webjosh ·
I was up late last night googling for a tool that could remotely reboot a computer into safe mode from across the network and then let me remote control it. It was actually harder to find than I thought!

I eventually landed on a blog at and gave VNCScan a try. Was I ever delighted! This is the best tool that I've seen some out in a long time.

I was thrown off because the name implied that it was just something for VNC ( and I'm not running VNC except for a couple workstations but it turns out to have a ton more things in it such as remote process management and remote scripting.

It's really a good combination of a lot of network tools into one easy to use console. I'm still playing with some of the endless features but I thought I'd give them a plug since they saved my a$$. =D

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by webjosh In reply to Cool Network Admin Tool: ...

Oops, I forgot to put their address!

It's at (duh!)

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by Choppit In reply to

You joined TR just to plug someone elses software....? ;}

Here's a free VNC management tool;

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by webjosh In reply to

LOL! No, I just wanted to contribute something worth while for my first post.

Thank you for posting that other vnc manager. Unfortunately, it's way out of date and appears to be an abandoned project. It doesn't appear to be free any more, either.

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The tool is still available

by djohnson In reply to

Most recent releases Jan 2004.

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by webjosh In reply to The tool is still availab ...

From what I can tell, the most recent release for VNCScan was on September 20th (just about a week ago). Or where you talking about that one from Germany?

One is at and the other is at

I've pretty much thrown PC Anywhere out the window now that I have VNCScan, though.

I haven't had to contact them for support yet. Has anyone else had experience with their support? My company is planning on buying a site license ince it's so cheap but I'd like some report on how well they support it. I've been burned in the past by some other software support.


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Safe Mode Reboot?

by Uncle Marv In reply to Cool Network Admin Tool: ...

I've been using VNCScan for about a year now, but never saw where it would allow a reboot into safe mode. Fact or fiction?

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by webjosh In reply to Safe Mode Reboot?

If you right-click a computer and choose Windows Tools, then reboot.

It will launch the reboot wizard. I just tested it and it seems to work OK. I had to bring up the reboot wizard to set it back into regular mode afterwards, though. If I didn't, the computer would enter safe mode again if I rebooted it using the Start/Shutdown through VNC.

I guess I could have edited the boot.ini myself and taken out the /safeboot switch, too. I believe that running msconfig while VNC'd in safe mode would let it return back to normal mode upon reboot, too.

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Here's a link

by webjosh In reply to Safe Mode Reboot?

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