Cooling Fan power connection

By str8upMitch ·
I have a "Mad Dog" Techie Toyz FanMod 3 Pin Sleeve Bearing, power input 1.44 w/-10%, cooling fan. I have no idea how to connect it & give it power. Help? I would like to sit it next to an external hard drive, for cooling purposes.

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Well... usually....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Cooling Fan power connect ...

Those kinds of things go inside the computer case and connect to a special place on the motherboard. The power that is provided to them through that connection is just enough to run them. They're not designed to be placed outside of the case and plugging into an external power socket.

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These normally have a 3 Pin Connector that plugs

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Cooling Fan power connect ...

Onto the M'Board. But if you are asking about the wiring of this unit the Black is the Negative, the Red is the Positive or + 12 V DC and the White is the Signal Lead.

If the Wires are colored Yellow, Black & Green the Black is the Negative the Yellow is the Positive or 12 V DC and the Green is the Signal Lead.

If there are no connectors on the M'Board you then use a Adapter to plug from the Fans Connector into a Power Plug like the ones used for a HDD or Optical Drive.

If this isn't an Internal Case Fan please provide a Link to show us what it is and we can help you from there.


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Reponse To Answer

by tacomajoe In reply to These normally have a 3 P ...

Yes it is a cpu fan. What does it need for signal? The leads are red w black tracer red and yellow.

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what are you doing with this external drive

by SKDTech In reply to Cooling Fan power connect ...

that is going to require more cooling than the enclosure provides. You'd likely be better off getting an internal HDD if you intend to be using the drive that much that it would require additional cooling. You'll get better read/write speeds out of an internal anyways since it doesn't have to divide time with everything else on your USB hub.

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