Copied web text has an annoying coloured background

By Geordie Lad ·
If a I copy and paste text to Word 2000 from a webpage (when Edit with Microsoft Word is not available as a dropdown from File) the text has an annoying coloured background, usually blue but other colours experienced. How can I eliminate it? Ckecking borders and shading options in Word are to no avail.

Also, any hyperlinks in the copied text appear to be missing, with just a wavy underline to show where they were. Again, why is this and how can I get round it?

Perhaps also the question, why is Edit with Microsoft Word in the drop down missing for such web pages?

My OS is Windows XP Pro with all updates

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Clear Formatting

by ElliotBath In reply to Copied web text has an an ...

Unfortunately, I don't think you can have it both ways.
Either you want no formatting (or to apply a style) or to have the formatting and links.
Word 2000 is 13 years old now, so I'm not 100% on short cuts and menus.

Select all the text in question and press Shift+Ctrl+N - this should apply the 'Normal' style.

As for the links, they shouldn't be removed with a style, but it could be that Word 2000 doesn't interpret hyper-links the same way that newer versions do.

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