copy and paste dilemma

By dkittle ·
the pc is runung win 2k
office 2k

the problem:

I can copy and paste text just fine
example copy "12345" paste 12345
if i copy in image from the net then try to paste it i get 12345 (or what ever the last bit of text was i copied)

side note: I can copy and paste clip art and such

I tried to copy and paste the same image on a different machine and it works just fine...

I know this may seem like a trivial problem but I appreciate the help


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by shasca In reply to copy and paste dilemma

Not having enough memory in the PC will not allow it to copy and paste images that are too big.

Go to Start/run type clipbrd and see what the clipboard viewer shows once you copy an image. If the path is correct but you can't paste that file, it's a memory issue.

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copy and paste dilemma

by Quaint_Data In reply to copy and paste dilemma

Normally you can't copy an image off a web page because it has imbedded html context.
Highlight the image/ go to file save as.
rename it.
Where are you saving to? Save it to a folder if the active desktop is not enabled.
or try pasting into an email body to check if there is a settings missing in your IE6/ go to tools internet options advanced.
Activex maybe blocking you. check the security settings in IE.
Compare these settings to the other computer.

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will do thx guys

by dkittle In reply to copy and paste dilemma

Im trying to save it into word and excel.
I have saved the photo to my documents and opened it there but(saw the photo), when I try to copy and paste it; it doesnt work.


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If you are saving to a folder .....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to will do thx guys

... you don't copy and paste... you use Insert -> Picture -> From File, then navigate to where you stored the file.

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Copy and paste

by Quaint_Data In reply to will do thx guys

Open the image by right click>> open with
select Internet Explorer then copy out of there and paste into word.
I can copy an image straight off a web and paste it into either word and Excel just for testing.
Which version office are you running?
Internet Explorer 6 or 7?
I'm running office 2003. IE6
Did you rename the image to remove the html aspect?
Are you on a home computer?

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