Copy and paste text and pictures not showing pictures in word 2003

By Larryg8 ·
For the last several years I have been able to copy and past both pictures and text that were selected from a web page (tutorials or articles).
Last week it stopped working.
I am able to paste in the text but the pictures are not showing (empty box) where the pictures should be. I tried changing settings in words options and slowing down the acellerator, suggestes I found from doing a search - neither has resolved the problem - no new software or upgrades to the system - running win xp pro service pack 2 and word 2003 - thank you in advance for any help

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Are you sure the web site will let you?

by LarryD4 In reply to Copy and paste text and p ...

I haven't found any issues where this shouldn't work anymore, are you sure that you are copying pictures from a site that will allow it?

Certain webpages lock down their images so you can't simply copy them. And most Flash based web pages won't allow you to copy an image. You have to print screen and then rip out with MS-Paint.

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