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    Copy Command through a webpage


    by jason.dykstra ·

    I have a server running windows 2003 server and am using IIS to host a
    webpage for the users on our manufacturing floor. A webpage has been created
    that allows them to manually resend data when a clitch happends and the
    automatic data send does not work.

    The problem I am having is that when ran by someone (like myself) that has
    admin privs on the machine runs the webpage it has no problems doing what is
    needed. But when someone else uses the webpage, (or even as the IUSR for that
    machine) the line in the perl script that is ran where it copies the files
    over, that it needs to send, to the server the copy command does not seem to
    work (though as admin user it works).

    I have tried permissions on folders and in IIS and that does not work (even
    giving them full control of the folders in IIS and on the system under
    security). I have tried to let the IUSR account have full access and that
    does not work (even with same type of privs mentioned above).

    The script does MKDIR to create a folder in a certain area and that happens,
    but when it tries to copy from the machine on the floor to the server for
    someone who is not admin it will not do it. I have tested to make sure that a
    non-admin has rights to see and copy from the floor and they do. The test was
    done with an account that has no privs on the floor machine, and they could
    do it. I also did it as an account that has privs on the floor machine but
    not on the server and got the same problem where I am not able to copy the
    files to the server.

    Does anyone know where in 2003 I might find the culprit to thsi delima? Is
    there a group or policy to allow certain users to run teh copy command on the

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