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Hi! all,

I vist websites. suppose lets say a linux tutorial web page that contains many hyperlinks. If i click the corresponding hyperlink, then i can see the content of that page. But I want to download whole tutorials without clicking each and every hyperlink and then copy all of them one by one. What i wanna do is can i copy or download all the hyperlink's content without visiting each and every hyperlink.

Is there any softwares for that. plz provide me with detail answers

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I've got just the thing for you!...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to copy content of a webpage

You should try the Open Source Website Copier.

It's called 'HTTrack'.

You can download it from:

This'll copy the webpage you are looking at PLUS as many sub-levels as you care to specify.

Don't forget: the more sub-levels specified the longer the process and the larger the download file.

You can then browse the site offline, just as if you were looking at the live image.


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