Copy data from Onedrive personal, to OneDrive for Business

By chandwpl ·
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Hi, Please can someone help me with copying all my files (55Gb) from OneDrive (Personal) to OneDrive (Business) please?

A colleague mentioned Mirosoft Azure could do this for me but I am totally lost.

Is this the only way, or is there something more idiot-proof? Many Thanks in anticipation

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55 GB! Sheesh...

Anyway, it may take a while, but what I would try is to make a shared folder in your personal One Drive, and
limit who can access the files in that folder. Move each
file you want to share with the business One Drive into
that folder, then open the business account and start
copying from the shared folder.

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55 GB! Sheesh...

by chandwpl In reply to 55 GB! Sheesh...

Thx - I will have a go next week

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How to share?

by chandwpl In reply to 55 GB! Sheesh...

Hi - sorry, I told you I was a Newbie

So, how do I "share"? I have tried to send an email to myself, but when the OneDrive (Business) opens the link, it goes to my OneDrive(Personal).


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Login to OneDrive,

by wizard57m_cnet Moderator In reply to How to share?

in the personal account, it will load an overview of
all your folders. There may already be one named Public, or Shared. Right click with mouse/trackpad on this folder, a menu comes up, and choose the Share option. To the right hand side a short description panel opens up as well, here you can "manage the Share options, who has access, what type, etc.

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Thanks Wiz

by chandwpl In reply to Login to OneDrive,

Thx Wiz.

i'm still struggling. My OneDrive (Personal) and OneDrive (Business) are under different email you'd expect.

I need to get back in touch with the person who sold me this but I can't seem to email my Office365 account. Thx - Will be back....

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