Copy email messages from Outlook Express to Outlook

By mark_its ·
I have a new computer running windows 7 and I am now using Outlook for my email and calendars. I want to move all my old email messages in folders on my older computer to this new computer. The old computer is running Windows XP and Outlook Express. How can I go from old to new?

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Personal Folder

by ashish.sharma In reply to Copy email messages from ...

Create a Personal folder on the old PC. Copy the pst files from Old PC to the New PC. Then on new pc, create another Personal folder and point it to the pst files you copied from old pc.

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Export items into a pst file

by Colbus In reply to Copy email messages from ...

It has been so long since I used Outlook express however it does not use a pst, so to get your mail over to you new computer and full outlook you need to either export your mail items from express to a pst file, then you can copy this over to your new computer and open it up. Alternate solution is if you have a copy of outlook on the old computer you can use this to import your mail items and contacts etc into a pst file, then copy the pst file over to your new computer.

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Outlook Express = File, Export....

by seanferd In reply to Export items into a pst f ...

choose to export to Outlook.

Transfer to new computer.

Outlook = File, Import and Export.

May be different in the post-Office 2003 versions of Office with Ribbons.

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Agree. Be careful not to trip over on the ribbons. :)

by TobiF In reply to Outlook Express = File, E ...

The ribbons are dangerous. Be careful with them. :)

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Outlook Express doesn't Export my mail

by mark_its In reply to Export items into a pst f ...

I've gone through the steps to export all my mail from Outlook Express on the old computer and after clicking on the notice that says it will export from OE to Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Exchange, nothing happens. It just sits there with me staring at the screen dumpfounded.

The W-XP account I'm logged in with is an administrator account.

Any ideas why I cannot export OE mail?

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Local export

by TobiF In reply to Outlook Express doesn't E ...

I think I have seen this a couple of times.
The export is thought to happen to an Outlook client on the same computer...

One way around could be to temporarily install office/outlook on the old computer, but I'd try to copy the OE message database the way it is to the new computer, and then import it there.

If this doesn't work, download and install the grandchild of OE, Windows Live Mail (fetch from MS over the web), since this program for sure should be able to convert the OE message store to the new format. Then it should be possible to "export to Outlook", or use the import functionality of Outlook.

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