Copy Files to Multiple Folder Locations on Win2003 Servers

By kklepacki ·
I'm trying to copy two files from workstation or server to about 30 Win2003 servers at difeerent locations. Files need to be copied to same location on all servers. What is the best tool for this job?

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Will this be a job that runs on a regular basis? If so then use vbscript to do it. Create a array of all the server names then have a sub-rputine that rolls through the array and copy the needed files for each element of the array.

If you need some smaple code, let me know.

If this is a one time job, use excel. in Column A put "copy <drive><path>\<filename> \\" in column C put path on the server like "\c$\<path>. Then in Column B put all your server names. Then fill down in column A & C to match the list of server names. Save it as a text file then rename to copyfiles.cmd. Edit to make sure there are no spaces that might cause an issue. 30 may not be enough to bother with the excel trick, but it is when you have 3 to 4 hundred! :)

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If this job will be done often check out SyncToy

by Chris910 In reply to Copy Files to Multiple Fo ...

Microsoft has an unsupported tool Called Synctoy that can syncronise files across media locations. It was originaly created for managing photos but works well with all types of media and files.

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