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Copy Formatting and Data from one excel sheet to another.

By Fizzlemeyer1 ·
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I am currently working in a machine shop and responsible for making sure the machinists are assigned their drawings and material. Previously this system was accomplished by ::Shudder:: entirely analog means. My goal is to create a spreadsheet to fill the gap between analog and fully automating the shop with one of the available shop software packages. Ive been finding techrepublic very helpful in my efforts to "get crazy" with excel so far, but this is one nut i just cant seem to crack.

My goal for the sheet is this: I have a front page that contains the jobs and all of their parts as well as information on what needs to be done to them (Text comments). What I would like to do is enter a number for the machinist assigned to the job, and have it copy the data on that row and auto-populate the next available row on a separate worksheet unique to that machinist within the same workbook. Ideally it could maintain the integrity of both the data and the formatting of the cells, but in a pinch ill take just the data transfer.

I'm assuming ill need a macro to do this but I honestly don't know where to start.

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