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Copy one drive to another?

By pkdesign ·
I have a laptop with two partitions running
Win98SE. How do I copy everything from one
partition to the other and make it the boot

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by dmiles In reply to Copy one drive to another ...

You will need partition magic software to merge the two without losing any data.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Copy one drive to another ...

say your current 'active' (boot) partition is c: and the second is d:
to copy the files. start windows. from command prompt (start/run/command <enter>), type:
xcopy32 c: d: /c /h /e /k /r /f
that will copy windows 'out from under itself'. note: you need to be *in* windows, at a command prompt. xcopy32 switches not the same in dos only mode.
next, boot from win98 startup floppy and run sys command on d: (sys a: d:) then run fidisk to change d: to active partition. that should do it. if you put a line in autoexec on the d: drive like "we are booting from the new partition!" then another line: pause
then you can see easily see if it is working

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by pkdesign In reply to Copy one drive to another ...

sgt shultz's suggestion only worked half way. It
did seem to copy everything from drive c: to
drive d: but after using fdisk to move the active
partition...nothing, no booting at all. I have to
boot with Win98 Startup disk and move active
partion back. BTW, unless the WIN98 SE CD
is in the drive, the Win98 Startup disk does

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by wlbowers In reply to Copy one drive to another ...

You can try this. First chant to the dos idiots and turn in a circle three times.

This will not work is there is any non partitioned or partitioned space on the hard drive before the boot partition c:.

Copy everything back to the c: partition.

Boot to a 98SE boot disk that has on it.

At the a: prompt type sys c: and press enter/return.

Now if you are lucky, very very lucky.

If it was me I would put the drive on another machine and copy what I want from it, then drop the hammer and start over.

Good Luck Lee

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