Copy Paste from webpage to word document fails to copy images correctly

By creative.versatile ·
While copying text and pictures from a webpage article, only the text and the first picture or image or graph is being pasted in all the subsequent image place-holders (not the actual image that appeared in each place-holder on the webpage).
I am using Windows XP and Word 2007.
If I try to copy and paste the entire text and images directly to Wordpad, then only the text appears (not any image at all).
However, I can copy each image SEPARATELY from the web to Wordpad, and then copy to Word doc. Or save each image into Pictures folder, and then insert it into Word doc.
I could not find any solution on the web, please.
Kindly diagnose the reasons for the same, and suggest an effective remedy:

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by 3v@N771M In reply to Copy Paste from webpage t ...

You are trying to copy content that was created using HTML code into a wordprocessor such as Word which handles and displays the content differently than a browser. Try opening a new blank HTML document in Word, and then pasting the copied content. Unfortunately Word can do some screwy things when working with HTML. I suggest using an appropriate WYSIWYG editor to make any changes to the HTML and THEN opening the HTML document in word to convert it to the .doc format if needed.

Things work differently in Wordpad vs. Word because Wordpad handles the content differently than Word. If you paste the text into Notepad before transferring it into Word I believe it will remove all formatting and allow for a cleaner looking and easily formatted Word Document. However, you can not include or manipulate images or media using notepad.

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Paste Special

by seanferd In reply to Copy Paste from webpage t ...

A regular copy/paste will never copy images, etc. After using Paste Special, anything else regarding formatting, etc., is your own problem.

In short, you are using the wrong applications. Why not just save the web page?

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