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    Copy Paste in XP


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    I know this supposed to be kids play and no big deal to copy and past but here is the challenge.

    I need to copy the Value contents of one worksheet in a workbook(sourcefile) to another Workbook/Worksheet (Destination). No probs so far

    The Source file appart from the ususal array of formatting, also has buttons that activate a Macro.

    The PROBLEM. When I select the range>Click Copy>Paste everythings copies perfectly except the buttons. How can I get the buttons to also copy accross.

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      You can copy the buttons across by themselves. Click on them one by one, holding down CTRL. Then use the copy command. They are not included when you select a range.

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      Topic – Thank you for your response but that is not practical, as I will have to do this for 20 worksheets every week.. This is not the solution I was looking for.

      Copy/Paste within the same workbook copies the buttons across, but does not do so from one workbook to another.

      I can not use the copy/move Worksheet function either, as the destination Workbook has hard coded functions that will try to access existing (blank) worksheets within the Destination Workbook.

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