Copy & Paste Microsoft word to Microsoft Excel

By dbacks3449 ·

I was trying to find a way to copy content from MS word table to MS excel. The problem I'm having is when I cut and paste a contents from a table, every row (with multiple lines) from word is treated as single row in excel. Is it possible it gets pasted in same row.

for example:
I have a table in Word with 4 columns and two of the columns have content with multiple lines (may be 10 lines)..when I cut and paste the table on excel, the 10 lines are treated as 10 rows.

Greatly appreciate if anyone has any ideas or formula that I can use to tackle this situation.


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I have the same problem

by Firthy In reply to Copy & Paste Microsoft wo ...

Did you ever find a solution to the line break in ms word creating a new cell in xl?

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I'm looking for the same info -- any solution??

by vicki77 In reply to I have the same problem

Help! Can't find this anywhere, at least in terms of converting a whole table this way. The hitch is the line break/carriage returns.

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Paste Special

by john In reply to I'm looking for the same ...

Instead of regular paste, try paste special... it should bring up a requester with a default choice of "Microsoft Word Document Object" (if not the default then select this option).

Hit OK... You should be golden...

(If you need to, you can resize the rows/columns in excel to match the table's... it pastes it in as a separate, editable object, not tied to the row or column sizes in excel... keeps your original table format)

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Replace paragraph marks in Word

by chulleman In reply to Copy & Paste Microsoft wo ...

The best I could come up with for this unfortunate 'feature' is to use the Find and Replace feature in Word. Find a special character, the paragraph mark, and replace it with nothing. This effectively removes the paragraph distinctions.

Another way, which is rather manual, is to paste cell by cell into the Excel input bar (sorry, dont know the proper name, the place where formulas can be input). This method will retain the paragraph marks in Excel.

BTW, when inside Excel and you want a paragraph within a cell, use Alt-Enter.

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zombie alert

by PurpleSkys In reply to Replace paragraph marks i ...

dead post eh...or at least it was until a few minutes ago.

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Copy & Paste Microsoft word to Microsoft Excel

by cynmeidt In reply to Copy & Paste Microsoft wo ...

6 years after the initial question was posted.... but I figured someone else may be looking for an answer. :) Copy from your source document as you would normally, then, when you are ready to paste into Excel, instead of jumping right in for the paste, first double click in the destination cell (to activate the cell) and then paste. All your data should appear in the cell and will be formatted similarly as to how it was in the source document.

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Still a problem

by kc7qwh In reply to Copy & Paste Microsoft wo ...

I still had to go through and make sure there were no hard returns in my table, but it still copied 2 rows for each row in my table.

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