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Copy/Paste question

By SteveGoss ·
I use Ctrl-X, Ctrl-C, and Ctrl-V all the time inside Windows apps for cutting, copying, and pasting, but usually do not want the associated formatting. In that case I temporarily paste the cut or copied text into Notepad, then cut it (again) and paste it wherever, being "sanitized" from any formatting.

Is there a set of hotkeys that will perform this "sanitizing" of formatting during the cut/copy/paste exercise?

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Tricky question...

by Beth Blakely In reply to Copy/Paste question

I use a macro to "paste special." Here's an article to explain how to create it:
You can add a shortcut key combination for the macro when you're creating it, then you'll have it made!

You could also use this series:

Alt+E opens the Edit menu, S chooses "paste special", and the U, U gets you to the "unformated text" choice. Pressing [Enter] finishes the job.

Has anyone found a simpler way to achieve this? I'd be interested as well.

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It sounded to me

by Simon Beck In reply to Tricky question...

as Steve was asking for a cut/paste that works within windows, not just word. Would that macro work in windows itself with word closed? I'm too la.. busy to write it and see for myself.

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