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Copy/Paste Restriction

By mma ·
We have just 4 PCs running Win XP SP2 in our small office. There's NTFS on HDDs and the systems are networked through P2P. Because we are on a very tight budget, we cannot go for server/client network configuration. We have sort of designated one of the PCs as a repository of data. It is not used by anyone. Users have been granted permissions on specific files and folders on it and we are happy with data security as such. Except for one thing. And that's the question I want to ask:
Can we prevent users from other machines to copy and paste files from this pseudo server to their own HDDs?
Any help suggestions would be appreciated.

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With out server 2003

by zlitocook In reply to Copy/Paste Restriction

You need to restrict each person from doing things to each file/folder on that computer. But with out a server and I think there is a limit on connections with XP you will have problems. Another problem is P2P is fine for home use but if your office connects to the internet and you have no protection from spam, hackers, downloads, malware, drive by downloads and allot of other stuff.
But if you do not connect to the outside world and you have no phone lines going out from any computers. Then you may be ok but hey set up a Linux server with the extra computer!

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you could but....

by CG IT In reply to With out server 2003

you could restrict users to read only but in a workgroup setting, having to manage file permissions for a bunch of files[not folder] can get to be bothersome. If you don't want someone to get their hands on a file, don't put it in a shared folder.

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