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    Copy Profiles 2!


    by nicholasp ·

    I asked A question on how to copy a profile in NT and somehow inadvertedly closed the question.

    the question was:

    My users have been using NT for a while, but for some reason when they were setup they do not log into a domain, they are part ofa workgroup. I want to make them part of our Domain, but at the same time I do not want to expalain why the desktop has changed, and why they lost their favorites in their browser. What is the best way to copy the profile over and make the user partof the domain.

    Note: I am trying to make sure that users do not loose thier favorites and there desktop settings. The best solution would be that the Icons on the desktop stay in the samr place.

    Thanks again


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      Copy Profiles 2!

      by simon.wellborne ·

      In reply to Copy Profiles 2!

      Do you want an automatic way, or a manual way?

      Manually: Move the workstation into the domain. Log on to the wkstn as the domain user. Log off. Log on to wkstn as an admin and use the “copy profiles” option under system properties (Control Panel/System/USer Profiles) and copy their old local profile to their new domain profile directory (new profile should be under c:\winnt\profiles\)

      The old profile directory is likely to be c:\winnt\profiles\username and the new profile name, assuming the names are identical
      c:\winnt\profiles\username.000 (or .001 etc)

      Automatically: You would need to write a script to move the machine into the domain and then copy the old profile directory to the new profile directory. Writing this script could take longer than doing it manually depeneding on the number of workstations.

      Sorry about abbreviated email, but 1000 chars isn’t enough to explain fully.

      If you need more info – email direct if you wish.

      Hope this helps.

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        Copy Profiles 2!

        by nicholasp ·

        In reply to Copy Profiles 2!

        I kind of used your suggestion but I simplified it a little.
        1. Connect PC to DOMAIN
        2. Delete Default User Profile (from profiles directory)
        2. Copy current user profile (just in case)
        3. Login as administrator
        4. Rename current user profile to default user
        5. Login as the user.

        This creates an Identical desktop. Favorites, and desktop background included.

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      Copy Profiles 2!

      by phinaddict ·

      In reply to Copy Profiles 2!

      This is going to depend if you are using local or roaming profiles.
      If local Go to the computer that your user is logging into and open control panel – system. Click on the profiles tab and select the username and click on copy. Copy the information to c:\winnt\profiles\username2

      Verify that the users info was copied then delete the users old profile. Connect the computer to the domain and reboot then have the user login to that workstation and then logout. Open windows explorer, select the username2 profile and copy the contents to c:\winnt\profiles\username select overwrite all.

      If roaming copy the profile from system to the network drive that your profiles reside. Delete the users profile from the workstation, add the computer to the domain and have the user log on. It should now download the profile from the network drive to the worksattion for the user.

      Good luck!

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      Copy Profiles 2!

      by amulford ·

      In reply to Copy Profiles 2!

      I have had to change a user from a domain, to a workgroup – and then back again. His profile wasn’t changed in either setting. However, we do use roaming profiles, in which a copy of the profile is saved on the server. Try changing the profile inControl Panel/System/User Profiles – to roaming. To create a roaming profile on the server, go into User Manager for Domains, click on the user, and in the profile tab add a path to a shared drive/file where the profiles will be stored.

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