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    Copy Profiles


    by nicholasp ·

    My users have been using NT for a while, but for some reason when they were setup they do not log into a domain, they are part of a workgroup. I want to make them part of our Domain, but at the same time I do not want to expalain why the desktop haschanged, and why they lost their favorites in their browser. What is the best way to copy the profile over and make the user part of the domain.

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      Copy Profiles

      by arwjnplanotx ·

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      If you’re going to leave the profiles on the workstations they shouldn’t be changed when you set them up in the domain.

      If you can, test this theory.

      If it came down to it, the profiles on the workstation are not overwritten when a user is setup on the domain. You can copy almost all of the users personalization from the old profile. If you are going to change the user name then copy the old profile to the new name. After setting the user up in User Manager copy everything from the old user folder to the new one (from C:\WINNT\Profiles\olduser to C:\WINNT\Profiles\newuser).

      Hope this helps,


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      Copy Profiles

      by ruturaj ·

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      When a user who used to log into the workgroup with the name say login JDoe his profile is stored as
      now you make him login to the domain you’ll see another profile
      what you’ve got to do is copy thecontents from jdoe to jdoe.000 profile
      eg startmenu, desktop, favourites & you should be good
      hope this helps………………………..

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      Copy Profiles

      by nate from ri ·

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      On the user’s pc, open the system control panel and select the User Profiles tab. Select their local profile, click the Copy To button and browse to the folder on the server where their roaming profile should be.

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      Copy Profiles

      by green_lantern ·

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      Try this. Login with admin priviledges. Go to the PROFILES folder under the WINDOWS NT directory (if WINNT or whatever you use). Select the default user’s profile and delete everything under it. Then open up the system properties page (right clickMY COMPUTER>Properties) Under user profiles select the user you want to move to the domain. Copy her profile to default user. Set the permitted to use to everyone. Delete her current account. Then add the computer to the domain. The default user is used to create the account. At some point you should go back and clean out the personalization from the default user. This should bring everything over including printer.

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      Copy Profiles

      by jun1cez1 ·

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      To Nicholas,

      The best way to copy a profile over to the Domain controller is:
      From each Workstation, go to Controlpanel/system properties/user profiles tab (highlight the user) then click copy, click browse, highlight the Domain controller and go to c:\winnt\system32\profiles.

      A shorter Method (from the PDC):
      Log on to the PDC as an Administrator.
      Fire up System Policy Editor, then New policy\ specify the workstations name and the existing or default user\ create the policy you want toenforce then save it in the same place \winnt\system32\profiles.

      Now, to make them a part of the domain. You do need to create the user account in the User manger for domain for each user, then in server manager, create computer account, then in every workstation, right click network neighborhood, properties, then computer name, log on to ==name of the PDC==etc,etc.

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