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Copy records from one DB to another

By jimmy ·
I have a buddy that I am trying to help out. He had a custom web app setup for his business. The original programmer setup an Access DB, and then hardcoded references into his .asp pages. I am not much of a developer, and have not messed with Access much since college, but I am better off than my buddy. The original developer also hosted the app intially, but there were constant problems with accessing the site, so it was moved to a new host. Now the hardcoded references do not work. The new host revamped part of the references to allow some online forms to be completed and submitted into the database, but the real nuts and bolts parts of the DB are not accessible on the new host. We have a copy of the old site on our local server, and have it working fine now.
Now to my problem; we have a copy of the database on the new host, that has forms being submitted to it daily, and then we have to run one of the few query/reports that work on the host to display the new records, and then someone has to manually re-enter these records into our local copy of the DB. The 2 databases are identical, except for the data they contain. I am looking for some direction/help to write a script/utility/.ASP page or something that will allow me to pull new records from the online DB and import/merge them into our local DB.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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by The Ref In reply to Copy records from one DB ...

A few options:
1. look into access replication
2. If you have access to SQLServer tools, write a DTS package.
3. Add a column to the source database with a timestamp and give it a default of "CDate(Now())". Link the old table into the new database with File->GetExternalData. Then "insert into newtable select cols from oldtable where timestamp > lasttimestamp. (You could also use an outer join to get the data, but that is a bit more advanced)

Hope these ideas help.

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