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    Copy user mailbox to another user


    by ecrwn ·

    One of the employees has left the company and has been replaced by a new person. How can I copy the contents of the previous employee’s mailbox into the new person’s mailbox? By the way, using Outlook 2003 running Exchange in an Windows 2003 server.

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      by garret` ·

      In reply to Copy user mailbox to another user

      I would grant them full access to the old mailbox, then open up the second mailbox in Outlook. To do this:

      First set the permissions in AD U&C. Right click the old user and go to properties. Click on the Exchange Advanced Tab and then click Mailbox Rights. Add the new user here and give him/her full mailbox access. Click Ok.

      Then open up Outlook on the new user’s client PC.

      Right click thier mailbox in the folder list.
      Choose: Properties for “Mailbox-[username]
      Click on Advanced and then the Advanced Tab
      Add the old user. Click ok, ok, ok.

      The second mailbox should sit under the other other one. This keeps both the mailboxes more organised. He/She can then sort through the neccecary items and disard the rest, while keeping his/her own seperate.

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