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Copy XP from external HD to partition in Vista

By higdonjeff ·
My desktop crashed, I need to use a graphics program that won't install in Vista which is what I have on my laptop. I have the program CD but I can't find my XP upgrade CD. My laptop's processor won't support VirtualPC. I wanted to boot directly to the old HD by USB but everything I've read mentions using the XP CD at some point. Is there a way to copy the contents of the old HD to a virtual (or actual) partition on my laptop and boot to that partition when I want to use my graphics program? I've searched and read until my head is spinning, can sombody help?

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Use Sun V-Box instead...

by cmatthews In reply to Copy XP from external HD ...

I've gotten around the XP-mode issue a few times with v-box. Defrag your HD first or your V-disk will be fragmented too.

1) For the install, make a virtual FAT32 partition (under 32gB) and give the VM 512megs of ram.

2) Borrow an XP CD to install on your v-box but use your CD key. Activate XP, update, reboot and mount your program CD in V-box to install your program.

Note steps 3 and 4 would be required if your program CD is scratched or damaged...

3) Make the v-disk label and volume serial number the same as your old drive. MS has a serial number changer here:
Copy over the needed folders from Program Files to Program Files on the VM. Depending on the program (you have not told us..), this may be enough.

4) (If req'd) You may need to import quite a few registry settings from the old registry, old dll files's (usually in c:\windows\system32) or other files (eg: c:\program flies\Common Files) required by your program... It's a bit of trial and error, but note the errors you get on each successive attempt to run your program. (eg: "unable to find xyz.dll in c:\windows\system32"). If your program requires a background service, well that's a bit more work to register. FAT32 was suggested as a disk format since NTFS can be a pain with copying this kind of stuff..

I hope your program CD still works.

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Thanks cmatthews

by higdonjeff In reply to Use Sun V-Box instead...

Thanks for the reply, where ever my CD is my key is on the box with it. I guess I'll just have to buy another copy of XP. I was hoping there was a way to either mirror the old HD and install it to a virtual (or actual) partition and boot to that partition or remove my 2.5 HD and find an adapter to connect my 3.5 IDE to my laptops 2.5 cable and reboot to the old HD that way. Since XP is already installed I though I wouldn't need the key but I guess in a new system I have to authenticate it with the key anyway. BTW the graphics program is CorelDraw 11. Anyway, thanks again for your time and I'm just a beginner anyway, just getting into basic programming so messing with dll files and such without explicit detailed instructions ehhh, not a good idea. Thanks anyway man, I appreciate it.

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