Copying a RAID Disk to Another RAID Disk

By stuart.cook.ext ·
I have two identical computers - both configured with two HDD's each machine is setup with RAID control for Mirroring.

Having spent many hours installing the operating system and applications on one computer only, I wish to replicate all software and settings to 2nd computer.

As the HDD's are mirrored, can I remove one drive from the configured machine and swap with an empty drive from the other machine? Will the mirroring automatically recognise the setup software or will I end up with blank disks.

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If your machines are identical

by tintoman In reply to Copying a RAID Disk to An ...

In theory you ought to be able to do that and I assume that we are talking about windows installations here
What you cannot do however is have 2 installations of windows on 2 different machines with one license key.
That is illegal and amounts to software piracy.
So if you do this you will need to buy another license for windows and change the license key on the second machine

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And don't forget

by TonytheTiger In reply to If your machines are iden ...

to change the machine name on one of them.

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