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copying a web page from browser to word

By tariqaslam ·
Whn I copy the contents of a web page to a new word documents the pictures and graphics continced in the webpage do not get copied in Wordxp. I do see a place holder for the picture or the graphic but not the picture or the graphic. Please help

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by kwlemke In reply to copying a web page from b ...

Screen Print & Capture 32 3.5
Its free, and very simple
I have had no XP issues

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by tariqaslam In reply to copying a web page from b ...

Thank you for the reply. However I am not talking about screen capture, whatI want is to copy the whole article with graphics form the web to a word document. I can do that at work wher I have Word 2003 but cannot do at home where I have WordXP.

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by G... In reply to copying a web page from b ...

You need to capture the whole page because the pictures are often just a link. There are some programs to do so (don't remember a name but google will). and then you can open it in word or wathever you'll like.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to copying a web page from b ...

It is not something to do with different versions of Word as they both behave the same way when you try thins.

At your work there must be some additional software installed to capture the graphics/pictures from the Web Pages if the pages where not created with Front Page which most are not. Or it could be that you are only transferring the Front Page Pages to Word at work but from every Web Page that I've ever made the Graphics are always in a different folder to the main text the same applies to any backgrounds used on the various Web Pages.


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by gregory.knox In reply to copying a web page from b ...

I have had the same thing happen to me. Simply go back to the web page and right click each picture and click copy and pick a place in your doc to paste it. (The place holders seem to be useless, so I usually delete them.)

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by justme In reply to copying a web page from b ...

I also have this problem, and have found only partial answers.

I use WindowsXP with Office2000Pro. At one point in time, I couldn't copy ANYTHING to Word from the Internet, but could to the WordPad.

Windows kept prompting me to report the problem to Microsoft and I did. Not sure if they really did anything, but I've kept up to date on OS and Office updates, and also opened my firewall (ZoneAlarm) to Word, which I hadn't done previously.

Now I get more information on my selected copy, and SOMETIMES get the graphics as well as the text in Word. If not, the previous reply of right clicking and pasting the graphic is what I also have to do...

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by cr1s In reply to copying a web page from b ...

Have you tried using Paste Special? It gives you more options than simply pasting in the contents of your clipboard, such as pasting as Unicode text, Bitmap, etc.
Choose one of the "text" options.

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by cr1s In reply to

Sorry-disregard my previous comment. I mis-read your question. Paste Special may or may not help you.

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by Styopa In reply to copying a web page from b ...

Try this: File - Save As - Web Page, Complete, if you're using IE, or the corresponding command if you're using a different browser. Then you can open the saved HTML file in Word and, if you wish, save it as a Word document.

However, if the layout is at all complex the result will probably be a mess. You may be better off copying the text and images separately and creating your own layout.

You haven't said why you want to do this. If you're using someone else's work, don't overlook copyright issues.

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by JamieM In reply to copying a web page from b ...

This isn't always the case, but, I have found that sometimes everything actually does get copied. However, Word does not display the pictures in any of the views. You have to look in the Print Preview before you can see the pictures. They also print out without any problem. It has something to do with the picture's frame (or drawing canvas) in Word. I've found that playing with the properties for the picture can make it visible in the various display views.

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