Copying Address Book to New Laptop - How?

By edward.j.obrien ·
I have just bought a new laptop and need to copy my Outlook Address Book from my PC. As I struggled with it, I reckon Microsoft thought really long and hard to make it as difficult as possible. Their 'Help' is also pretty well useless. (I managed to load all the contacts in "Contacts" but not the Address Book)

Can anyone walk me through this? I will be really grateful.

TIA for your time and trouble.

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You forgot to mention...

by TobiF In reply to Copying Address Book to N ...

- That you first started a discussion with the same question.;leftCol

- What versions of windows we're talking about. (If I got it right, the "Address book" you're talking about may be a Windows feature, rather than a part of Outlook.

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My Mistake

by edward.j.obrien In reply to You forgot to mention...

I am running Windows 7 Ultimate and Outlook 2007 on both machines.

I just want to copy the Address Book from my PC's MS Outlook to MS Outlook on the new laptop. Importing from an email client like Outlook Express (which I don't have, of course) on the same machine, looks easy, but I can't find a way to copy, say to a file, and then load the file onto the laptop.

I haven't counted the addresses, but I'm 74, so you can imagine, there are quite a few!

Sorry not to have made it clear at the beginning and thanks for helping.

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As far as I know

by TobiF In reply to My Mistake

The "Address book" in Outlook 2007 is just a view, which is built on the contents in the contacts folder.

If you have managed to copy your contacts, then the missing step may be to assign one of your contacts folders as the main or default one.

In my reply on your "discussion", I showed how to copy contacts between two installations of Outlook.

One more question: How do you connect to your email provider? (Exchange, POP/SMTP, IMAP...)

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by edward.j.obrien In reply to As far as I know

BT (British Telecom) is my ISP. Connection is POP/SMTP

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I'm confused

by Kenone In reply to Copying Address Book to N ...

If I understand what you're saying, you're trying to copy an address book from Outlook 2007 to Outlook 2007. You have already copied your contacts over. The Outlook 2007 address book is taken from your contacts. On the original machine,go into "Tools","Account Settings", click on the "Address Book" tab and tell me what it says there about your address book(s)

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Outlook Address Book

by edward.j.obrien In reply to I'm confused


Outlook Address Book --- MAPI


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If your Address book is on MAPI

by TobiF In reply to Outlook Address Book

then it is most probably a hosted address book, which lives on your mail server.
In order for the same address book to become visible on your new computer, you need to connected to the same server using MAPI.

A POP connection to the same server will be able to download (and, possibly, delete) new emails on the server, but it can't synchronize a setting of folders.

Again, I suggest you try to follow the steps in my first post. Set up a pst file and copy your contacts there, in order to get a local additional copy of your address book.

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Addresses are not on the Server

by edward.j.obrien In reply to If your Address book is o ...

An aside... I find this forum very difficult to follow. Nor does it notify me when a reply is posted despite enabling that facility.

On my PC the Address Book is fully populated.
I have a full copy (PST) file stored in its own folder. However, no matter what selection I make following "File>>Import and Export>>Import from another program or file" I cannot raise this .pst file when browsing to its folder. I find this crazy and annoying as the "Description" includes PST.

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You don't "import" a pst file

by TobiF In reply to Addresses are not on the ...

The "pst" is the native storage for Outlook. You simply "open" it.

1. Note where your PST is located on the old computer
2. Close Outlook (on the old pc)
3. Copy the pst to the new computer
4. From inside Outlook, select "Open datafile"
5. Now, the personal folder should show up in your folder structure in Outlook.
(6. If desired, copy the contacts to your main "contacts" location, but you may as well keep them where they are.)

Oh, the notification service will email you an aggregated list with links to new posts in the threads you're following, about twice per day.

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I surrender!

by edward.j.obrien In reply to You don't "import" a pst ...

I am not terribly good at his, I'm afraid.

I followed your instructions and landed here...

C\: Owner(Computer name) > AppData > Local > Microsoft > Outlook

The only 'file' showing is 'Outlook'

I have started copying the important addresses manually. Over time I will move them all.

I cannot remember how I got them off the old PC onto the new PC about 4 years ago. But on the PC I start a new email and clicking To: gives me my Address Book and the options Cc and Bcc. etc.

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