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    Copying content from the web page


    by vinodmenonk ·

    I am developing a finance portal. I have portions of my site linked to public finance companys. I want to do away with the links and yet maintain a dynamic update capability.

    Is it possible to copy a specific portion of there web page and displayit on my portal.
    For example if the right hand top portion of a web page displays a text message then can I copy it and display only the text message in my portal ?

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      Copying content from the web page

      by sharpe ·

      In reply to Copying content from the web page

      Hi there I want to answer your question on Tech Republic but first I need to know a few things about the web site you are working on.

      1 what type of server is the site on?
      2. what software are you using?
      3. Are you sure that the text you want to copy is just plain text?

      I build web sites and frequent Microsoft FrontPage news groups. This question and many more could be answered in that news group.

      here is the name of the group. is the server.

      the groupname is microsoft.public.FrontPage.client
      this is a great group.

      As far as your question: you can copy just about any type of content from another web site.

      Having FrontPage as an html editor is great.

      If you do not have/use frontpage then maybe you can copy whatever it is you want from another web site using your browser with ‘view source’ or NS page source. copy and paste into “note pad”

      Note pad is the default that comes with all MS operation systems.


      Web Mas

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      Copying content from the web page

      by steve ·

      In reply to Copying content from the web page

      If you want a portion of another page to appear on your page, you can do this fairly easily with Perl (assuming you know some Perl). You need to use the Perl LWP module. There are several tutorials on the web that show you how to do this sort of thing. There is one at (I think its there) that shows you how to grab the latest Hockey scores from some sports news site and display them on your page.

      Maybe this would work for the financial information. Just be sure you are not infringing on any copyrights…


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      Copying content from the web page

      by ionfreeman ·

      In reply to Copying content from the web page

      From an intellectual property standpoint, I think the answer is no.
      As you’re doing web development, I’m assuming you are using java servlets. Just create a client http socket. You can create a custom content handler, or take the page as an http string, and parse it to remove the section you are interested in. You either have to know the name of the html element that you want to take information from, or depend on the fact that your source’s formatting will be consistent — since they can change it without warning you, you’ll want to supervise it.
      See this API documentation:
      If you_are using Perl, then I’d recommend the book “Web Client Programming with Perl.” The other poster is dead on; Chapter 5 covers LWP.

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      Copying content from the web page

      by glenndal ·

      In reply to Copying content from the web page

      Please get permission from the publisher of
      the page, before you go copying their work.
      Please know that this could be considered a
      breech of copyright, and the site you have
      ripped from may seek compensation for your
      activity. Of courseif your site is
      non-commercial then this may protect you to
      some degree.

      Keep in mind also, that someone may change
      the layout of their site, and that would
      leave you with quite a trail of deads to pick

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      Copying content from the web page

      by vinodmenonk ·

      In reply to Copying content from the web page

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