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Copying entire hard drive

By mmogano ·
Does it make sense to copy my entire hard drive including the Operating System (XP)(used space 15Gb) to a mobile hard drive via USB2 and would this provide me with a complete backup if my drive ever crashed?

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well, in short

by Jaqui In reply to Copying entire hard drive

1) as good a way to back up as any
2) yes it will.

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Well not quite the way to do it but

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Copying entire hard drive

Instead of coping the contents of One HDD to another which Windows will not allow you to do you can use a Program like Ghost and Clone the HDD to the USB drive and that will allow you to recover from a crash or something else.

Just a few things to remember here though

1 DO NOT leave the USB drive plugged in when not in use as it can be damaged by something going wrong with the system and you'll loose all your DATA.

2 You'll Need Some form of Cloning software that is capable of being booted from whatever you have available generally this should be a floppy but a lot of new units don't have these and you'll need to be able to use the USB ports when cloning or recovering from something going wrong while still effectively in DOS.

Col ]:)

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Many thanks

by mmogano In reply to Well not quite the way to ...

Hal - many thanks. It clearly is not as straightforward as I thought and I will therefore stick to the more normal method of using my Rescue Disk in case of a crash. Thank u for explaining the difficulties.

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I would however

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Many thanks

Still Backup your data on a regular basis.

I've seen many HDD's fail and in every case the cost of Data Recovery has run into the many $K AU at least generally around 9K to recover the data where it hasn't been backed up.

While the recovery CD will help you out of a Windows failure it will not protect your Data in the even of a drive failure so some form of backup is essential.

Just another thing to remember if you are backing up photos according to Kodak they are only safe on a CD/DVDr for about 3 years and then they will start to degrade. That is a very general idea but something to keep in mind if you are using CDr/DVDr for a DR plan.


Col ]:)

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by jeasterlingtech In reply to I would however

if your backups are 3 years old you have other problems. good CDs and DVDs run 20 cents, a usb flash drive can hold all your current documents after a week or two toss the contents on a CDR, once a month back up the drive to a USB harddrive and you will never need it. skip the backups and viri and gremlens will hunt you down to screw with your data
big businesses need to backup daily or weekly(bigger systems attract more gremlens)

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Thanks again

by mmogano In reply to I would however

Many thanks for positive advice.

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Storing digital images

by jardinier In reply to I would however

I am also aware of the 3-year limit. The only method I know of for long-term storage of digital images is to make a colour print which has a minimum life of 50 years.

After learning this I didn't bother to get my top-end digitial camera out of the box but went on using my film camera.

It is my strong suspicion that basic digital cameras were released purely to con people to spend money to keep up with the times. And a very successful and profitable con it has been.

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A bit harsh on digital cameras!

by mmogano In reply to Storing digital images

I think u r being a bit harsh on digital cameras. Millions of people have great fun with them, taking 'instant' pics which they can check out on the mini-screen, e-mailing them to relatives and friends, and even printing their own pics via their computer.

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Yes you are quite correct

by jardinier In reply to A bit harsh on digital ca ...

I was just p*ssed off myself after buying a top-of-the line digital camera (Olympus with 10X optical zoom).

Yes, they are quite useful for the applications which you list.

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Olympus 10X optical zoom

by netjustin In reply to Yes you are quite correct

Great camera, but the Ultra Zoom cameras not top of the line!

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