Copying exchange data to an alternate account

By Saskatech ·
Hello all, I have a question.

I am wondering if it is possible for me to copy a users email account and create a dummy account using that copy of the email account. Some emails need to be sorted and filed though, but we do not want to do this to the currently active account.

I don't need the dummy account to connect to exchange or mirror any changes on the active account. I just want a snapshot of the current account that can be sorted.

Is this possible?

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by shasca In reply to Copying exchange data to ...
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by Saskatech In reply to Export

We are running sbs 2003, this method doesn't seem to work on the server.

But I actually realized I can just grant access to the mailbox, create a new data file then copy / paste the inbox to the new data file. I then have all the data I need, and can alter it without affecting the users mailbox.

Thank you for you help!

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by shasca In reply to Export

And off you go.

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sound very suspicious to me

by CG IT In reply to Export

sounds like your trying to spoof a user so that email sent appears to come from that user or that mail receive can be altered, then placed back into a users mailbox.

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by Saskatech In reply to sound very suspicious to ...

I am trying to begin sorting out a mailbox with thousands of emails that are necessary to all staff members before the owner is done with the company. As I said in the post I don't want the account to sync with exchange, I am trying to make an offline mailbox so it can be cleaned up and organized so when the time comes, the proper information can get to the proper people with minimal work.

It's forethought.

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all you need is a delegate

by CG IT In reply to Nope

taking data out and putting it back into another account just seems suspicious to me. You can if your the Exchange admin have access to anyone's mailbox and see what's in it via MMC.

So that's why copying a box and putting it in another "dummy" box sounds suspicious. It's not necessary to do.

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I read it as

by shasca In reply to all you need is a delegat ...

I assumed it was an investigation, which seemed a just cause to get access to user data for HR, management, or other investigative procees

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I thought to as well but if one is an Exchange admin

by CG IT In reply to I read it as

there's no need to create a dummy account.

Guess it's just a different interpretation of presented information.

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by Saskatech In reply to I read it as

This is correct, this specific situation is an HR issue. I need to assign the inbox to another member of the staff to sort through and file appropriately, but without disturbing the current users activity. I am the exchange admin here, so I decided to just copy the current state to be sorted through, the few emails that will be out of place in the next two weeks will easily be manageable compared to the tens of thousands we are currently faced with.

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Not working

by Saskatech In reply to Copying exchange data to ...

It appears my plan is also not working. When attempting to copy the inbox I get an error saying "Cannot copy the folder because it may contain private items."

Hmmm, going to have to find a workaround.

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