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Copying file restarts recipient PC

By blanchrt ·
I have a LAN with a x4 router and XP Home in all the PC's.

When I try to copy a file from PC A into a shared folder in PC B, B is immediately turned off and restarted, like when pushing the reset button (it happens the very moment I hit Ctrl+C).

This is something I do quite often and never had this problem before.

If I do the same when sitting at B (i.e., I GET the file with B instead of SENDING it with A) it works fine.

Any ideas as to the reason and/or the solution?

Thanks a lot.

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This sounds like a hardware or software problem on PC "B" that is causing it to crash and reboot. For example, it could be a corrupted disk block that holds a portion of the program involved with providing drive shares across the network on "B".

I suggest you focus your analysis on "B" looking for hardware problems.

-----Steve Jackson

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by blanchrt In reply to

In fact it was a software problem.

After a lot of attempts and struggle, it was "magically" solved when, having given up already, a long time after I uninstalled McAfee Internet Security Suite 2004 6.0 from PC B (the one that crashed on hitting Ctrl+C from PC A).

Though my original post is quite old, I think we must always share the solutions we get, whether they came from an answer by a forum member (who, like Steve, kindly took the trouble to read us and try to find an answer) or any other source).

Best regards

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