Copying files in another application using a form in MS Access

By pashby ·
I am trying to find out if there is a way to copy and rename a file in a different application using a form / macro in Microsoft Access (version 2003).

My purpose is this:
I am trying to use access to set up a small navigation system for a few computer illiterate people at my office. I want them to simply enter a job name and date (already set up in a form - using combo boxes & a calendar) and then push a button to open a seperate application (Microsoft Journal in this case) and have a template file be saveas'd to a new file location and file name based on the project and date chosen.

I have already successfully set up a button to open Microsoft Journal and open a specific file using the same paramaters (Project Name and Date) if the file already exists. Now I simply need a button to create the file in the first place.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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by onbliss In reply to Copying files in another ...

In VBA, you can use "Name" statement to rename files.

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Copy not Rename

by pashby In reply to Name

Thanks for the reply.
I can't tell if the "Name" function will copy the file; however, since I asked the question, I found that using the FileSystemObject and GetFile and Copy will do exactly what I wanted.

Once again, thanks for the idea.

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