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copying files over WAN

By douglas168 ·
two ethernet LAN connected via FR.

Each LAN has a NT file server.

When I copying some program files from LAN A to LAN B using ROBOCOPY, sometimes the users at LAN B gets the error 'not a run time program' when accessing the transferred program. This could happen to any transferred program file. I checked. The date and file size of the program are the same.

If I transfer that same file again the same way, then the users can run the program.

Any ideas on what might have caused thisprogram? Could it be the WAN link? Other than synchronizing the folder, is there another way to copy files over WAN?

Appreciate any info!

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copying files over WAN

by tchieng In reply to copying files over WAN

You din't specify the protocal used so I'm assuming TCP/IP. I'm not familiar with ROBOCOPY, but usually file transfer programs checks at the receiving end before putting packets back together to form a file. It could be a ROBOCOPY or transmission error along the way...

The best way I've found to transfer files is...

1) share a folder on the receiving computer, map to it and perform your copies via DOS COPY or Windows Explorer.

2) Install a free FTP server like ArGoSoft FTP server on the receiving computer and FTP the files to it. This works great!

3) Try an alternate program like LapLink or ReachOut. Again, I'm not familiar with ROBOCOPY.

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copying files over WAN

by douglas168 In reply to copying files over WAN
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copying files over WAN

by McKayTech In reply to copying files over WAN

Robocopy is supposed to be pretty reliable but the one limitation I'm aware of is that it doesn't replicate file permissions. This is probably a long shot, but I could imagine a scenario in which an incorrect file permission could cause the error message you have seen (maybe an incorrect read of a file lock?). It might be worth a look at the directory and permissions structures at both ends.

Beyond that, the only other mechanism that has worked well for me has been FTP and I use it routinely for syncronizing Web sites and all sorts of things.



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copying files over WAN

by douglas168 In reply to copying files over WAN

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