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    Copying files to A- drive


    by painter444 ·

    I have been trying to copy many small files (3 to 8 kilo bytes, with a total of 900 k.b. from C: to A: When it gets to a n arbitrary spot I get a message “The directory or file cannot be created”. When it stops I can use another floppy and copy more. It takes three floppies to do 900 k.b. of data.
    I have been able to copy these same files to another place on the hard drive.

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      It appears you are running into the limit on the number of entries in the root directory of a FAT volume. Even though there is more file space available on your floppy, there is another limit on the count of files in the root directory. The limits are:

      3.5″ 720KB floppy…. : 112 entries max
      3.5″ 1.44MB floppy… : 224 entries max.
      3.5″ 2.88MB floppy… : 448 entries max.
      FAT16 hard disk…… : 512 entries max.
      FAT32 hard disk…… : Unlimited
      NTFS hard disk……. : Unlimited

      1. Copy the files to a subdirectory on the floppy. There is no such limit on the number of entries in a subdirectory.

      Was this the problem?

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