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By AshishS ·
Hello all,
I just build a new server and it is in the domain. I need to copy about 100GB worth of files/folders from the old server to the new server before retiring the old one. I doing a copy and paste over the network. I noticed that by doing it that way, I am getting the "Read Only" option checked on the copied folders. I am sure that there is a better way to move the data from old server to the new one without the read only issue. How would I go about doing it? Your help is greatly appreciated.

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by Churdoo In reply to Copying files to new serv ...

Do you have shares and permissions set too?

Try the File Server Migration Toolkit:

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This is what I have

by AshishS In reply to FSMT

The new server is a WSUS server. The old server is SUS server. I mapped a drive to the old server and I am copying the data. The new server is going to be called by the old server's name eventually. So once I rename the new server to the old server's name, would the permissions on the data that I copied over would get changed from Read Only to the way they are currently on the old server? Sorry for sounding stupid, this is the first time I am migrating data from one server to the other.

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NTFS permissions

by Churdoo In reply to This is what I have

However the permissions are set as a result of the copy is how they will be after you rename the server; renaming the server will not change permissions, so you need to get it right during the copy. And 100GB, even on a fast LAN will take awhile so it's not something you want to have to repeat -- break it up into smaller chunks if you can.

What kind of data are you copying, is it user data? How do the users access the data, by UNC path, by mapped drives?

Did you look at the FSMT? It's wizard driven and copies permissions, etc.

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by AshishS In reply to NTFS permissions

I downloaded FSMT and cancelled the whole copy & paste plan. I am going to jump all over it this morning.
Do you think I should still break up the data being copied into smaller chuncks even with FSMT?
The data I am copying is 2 folders where we keep all our Programs that the hospital has ever used and is currently using. We are mapped to the 2 different shared folders on the same drive via login script.

Really appreciate your help with this.

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by Churdoo In reply to Got FSMT

You said you have 2 shared folders mapping to the same drive letter? So do you mean that some peeps map to one folder and other peeps map to the other folder?

If that's the case, then I would, after validating the copy process and permissions on a small test folder I set up, I would migrate whichever shared folder is used by the smallest group of peeps and change the login script(s) accordingly. See how the next morning/day goes before scheduling the next shared folder migration.

That's just how I would do it.

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