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Copying folders with permissions

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We have an Archive where files are stored in a certain pattern. The archive is maintained by two individual users. I am the networks administrator. The server is a Windows 2000 server.

Each item of our archive is a folder with five subfolders for folders and files. I have created a template folder with this structure and given the five subfolders appropriate permissions of which those maintaining the archive are allowed everything short of "full control" and Domain Users "Read & Execute", "List" and "Read". In one of the five folders a group of users have been given the same set of permissions as the two maintainers.

Those two users are supposed to add new items to the archive by copying and renaming the template. Then the problem is that permissions are changed from the template. Domain users can only List and the group of users that should have further permissions in one subfolder do not have any rights at all, except for their being members of Domain Users. The two maintainers, however, keep their rights.

Can anyone tell me what to do?

Thanks, Lasse

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by BFilmFan In reply to Copying folders with perm ...

On the files the users are saving, what rights are they placing on those files?

What rights are being inherited on the subfolders where the files are being placed? If they can only get the rights given domain users, then domain users must have been restricted on that folder.

It sounds as if you need a document management system which would automatically assign the correct rights. Windows does have a Rights Management System, but it only functions with their Office products and on Windows 2003 server. I cannot recommend that you use it, as it doesn't work with all Microsoft products.

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by curlergirl In reply to Copying folders with perm ...

I hope I'm understanding correctly what's going on here - I'm assuming that you have the template folders on one drive or shared location and then when they create a new archive, they copy the folders to a different drive or share. That's probably where the problem comes from. In Win2K/XP, when you copy folders from one location to another, the folders inherit their NTFS permissions from the new location that they're being copied to, not from the original location. So, you have to be sure that either the folders are set NOT to inherit permissions at all, or that the NTFS permissions in the location they are copied TO are set to what you want them to be on all files/folders copied to that location.

Hope this helps!

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