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    copying linked formulas in Excel


    by mbennett ·

    How do you easily copy formulas that are linked in multiple worksheets? I have 5 of my support analysts worksheeets all linked to the summary sheet, but setting up the formulas manually is mind-numbing. Is there an easy way to copy them?

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      copying linked formulas in Excel

      by dklippert ·

      In reply to copying linked formulas in Excel

      You can select all five worksheets (Use the Ctrl key or Shift select the first and last sheets).
      Grouped sheets will allow you to enter information on one sheet that will be duplicated in the same position on all selected worksheets.

      I might be able to give a better answer if I knew more about the problem. Where are you copying the formulas? To a new book? Are you changing the summary sheet? What kind of formulas?

      If you want them copied exactly without relational changes, copy the formula without the = mark past them in and then add the sign back in.

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