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Copying Mail

By JohnHiltz ·
We use Exchange 2003.

Is there a way on the exchange level to copy user1's outgoing emails to user2 without user1 knowing?

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by lyallaust In reply to Copying Mail

Two methods spring to mind.
1) Setup a repository for all outbound messages, which you can then use Outlook to create forwarding rules for that particular user
2) Share User2's mailbox for user1 to see. If you are worried about invasion of privacy, you could just share the sent items folder.

I would tend to go with option 2 as large volumes of email tend to make the repository too big to administer or backup.

Assume Oulook is being used:
At user2's Outlook session in the left hand panel, right-click where it says "Mailbox - <username>", select sharing, add User1 with Reviewer permissions. Now Right-click on "Sent Items", select security and add User1 with Reviewer permissions (Reviewer = read-only).
On User1's Outlook select Tools --> Email Accounts --> Change --> More Settings --> Advanced --> Add --> User2's name.
When you click OK back to the main window you will see a second "Mailbox - <username>" showing, this time it will be of User2

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by lyallaust In reply to Copying Mail

There is a third way, which is to share then user's entire mailbox. This is not recommended because you end up giving User1 permission to send as User2

Opne Active directory users and computers, make user View --> Advanced is selected.
Open the properties for User2, under Exchange Advanced --> Mailbox Rights. Add User1 for full mailbox access, then add User2's mailbox to User1's Outlook as described in the previous answer.

This also allows User1 to check User2's email via webmail using User1's logon.
HTTPS://<servername>/exchange/<username> through the local area network (note it is HTTPS, not HTTP for 2003 exchange webmail). Usually the webmail can be accessed externally via the MX record (eg so substitute <servername> for <mx_record> in the URL.

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by JohnHiltz In reply to Copying Mail

thanks for the suggestions but it doesn't fit what we are trying to do. in your scenario it would seem that if user2 was out of the office that day user1 could go in and delete their sent items without user2 ever knowing anythign was sent. we almost need a CC not visible to user1.

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