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Copying profiles to different domains

By phebert ·
I need to veriy some information before I proceed and any help is greatly appreciated.

I am in a large organization but not the IT dept and have been asked to migrate user profiles on PC's from one domain to another.

I am comfortable with accessing documents and settings and copying most items but my question is how can I verify that the applications under user profile A which is in domain A will be available when I copy the profile to domain B.

We are all using Windows XP machines and my last position was a thin client environment so I'm a little rusty.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Copying profiles to diffe ...

You need to supply more information like what Server OS's are being used. XP is only the Workstation end not the Domain Controllers so until you provide more information no one here can help you out.


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by ICB's corner In reply to Copying profiles to diffe ...

The answer 1 is true but I will try with some hypothesis.
I suppose that:
1. domain A and domain B are in the same forest.
2. the profiles reside on PCs.
If you move a pc from one domain to another then all applications on this PC will be available but you will have problem with network applications which reside on servers from old domain. If is a transitive trust between domains then I don't see a problem, except maybe Exchange, because UNC must be recognized by DNS from new domain .
Anyway, your domain admins are able to explain what is possible and what doesn't.

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by phebert In reply to Copying profiles to diffe ...

Well both of you hit on my reasons for uncertainity. Total lack of meaningful information! I attempted one migration and then contacted the IT department questioning several items. Most of the applications are loaded locally and there were many that I don't even have a user account for, let alone admin rights to fix anything should something go wrong. Once I asked several specific questions, and conferring with my supervisor, I put the ball back in IT's court and requested priviledges same as their tech guy if they wanted me to handle issues such as this. Interestingly, ;-0 they didn't want to do that so decided to handle the task themselves!

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