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Copying to Win2k NFS causes SCO reboot

By Matt H ·
Hi, back again...

Related to previous problem, but indirectly.

We've got a Dell PowerVault 725N NAS box running Windows 2000 NFS mounted on SCO unix, and rather co-incidentally, each time we use it the SCO box reboots. The first time we mounted it I was able to copy 25GB of data out of almost 180GB, the second time was only 2k (that is correct - a single small log file in plain text), and last night it ran for 3 hours before rebooting. Has anyone seen this behaviour? It may be a corruption on the SCO box (Compaq Proliant with 250GB HDD RAID over 6 drives - 3 in each bay, 2GB RAM and 2x750 PIIII processors) but it only occurs when we're using the Windows 2000 NFS on the PV725N. Nothing in the SCO logs, nothing in the Win2k event viewer. I understand there are some patches available for SCO NFS. We just don't know what would cause spontaneous reboots. I could fing nothing on SCO's web site, nothing on Dell's web site, and nothing on TechNet.

It's got us baffled. ANY suggestions would help.


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