Copying Win 7 install files from DVD to USB keeps failing. Help Please ?

By wheatd32 ·
I continue to get this error ???File creation error - Data error (cyclic redundancy check).??? while trying to Copy the windows 7 installation files from the DVD to any other media. This happens after the copying process stops on this file (E:\SOURCES\INSTALL.WIM) for 30 minutes or more, then it appears to have timed out. E: is my DVD drive. I am using windows Vista, Xcopy. I also tried Teracopy it times out as well. Can anyone help please?

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You have a couple of options first you can follow the directions here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Copying Win 7 install fil ...

Or if you like you can make a Slipstreamed Install Disc/USB with vLite available free here

If you use vLite make sure to read the instructions here


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Yar, don't copy direct from disk.

by seanferd In reply to Copying Win 7 install fil ...

The article Col posted should sort you out. You may also wish to check the disk for a smudge, scratch, spots, etc., just in case there is more than one reason for the CRC to fail.

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