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Copyright quagmire

By Jaqui ·
Best Buy / Futureshop Canada's open letter published in the Vancouver Sun Monday, January 7, 2008 shows a remarkably sane viewpoint on the copyright / drm issues.

is the letter.

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Best Buy?

by Bizzo In reply to Copyright quagmire

I thought "Family Guy" had the copyright to Quagmire?

Giggity giggity giggity!

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ha ha..

by Jaqui In reply to Best Buy?

The scary thing is that a company with 2 National retail chains has such a sane assessment on copyright and drm issues.

These are the guys selling the entertainment centers and music / movies.

what gives with some rational thought?

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Gee Jaqui

by Tig2 In reply to ha ha..

It had to happen someday.

Too bad that they aren't making the same statements here in the US. We could use a voice or two of reason. Even if that voice is Best Buy.

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really? it had to happen?

by Jaqui In reply to Gee Jaqui

but I thought big business had the same requirement of politics, no connection to reality.

Well, Best Buy and Future Shop ae a start, maybe they will start to influence the US market, since the RIAA and MPAA are actively destroying the US market. :)

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by NaughtyMonkey In reply to Best Buy?

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poor naughty

by Jaqui In reply to :)

cant even post a link right.
you made Beth edit your post to fix the link

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by NaughtyMonkey In reply to poor naughty

she didn't like my graphic and decided it best to be an external link instead of showing up in the post. Other than that it worked...I think...
Am I going insane....where am I...who am I....<IMG SRC="">

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Thanks for posting that Jaqui

by Dumphrey In reply to Copyright quagmire

And I have just one comment on Mr Wilsons fine article. At one point he says that DRM is aimed at protecting the IP of various artits etc. I guess that is true on a surface level, as no DRM scheme has been shown to be effective yet. I see DRM to be about producing an increased revenue stream while a new buisness model is developed. The beauty is that the cost associated with DRM for end users and device manufacturers will be a revenue in addition to the new digital sales system. And in addition to this, the current DRM can be used to steer a consumer into the new model (iTunes <cough&gt. DRM (or Digital Rights ENHANEMNT) + Madison Ave = hook, line, and sinker on the consumer.
Ack... I am rambeling again, and soon I will have to pull out my new tin foil hat as I get all conspiracy theory on my own a$$.

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kind of hard

by Jaqui In reply to Thanks for posting that J ...

to get upset at an article about something as contentious as copyright and drm when they are saying what we would say isn't it?

There is a lack in copyright laws for digital media.
Some existing laws have unfair concequences, like paying 5 different taxes for blank disks.

and DRM is just broken, permanently.

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