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By iname01 ·
Please suggest me a site from where i can get COREL DRAW 12 SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD FREE of cost. Ill be very thankful..

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Corel Draw 12

by santeewelding In reply to CORAL DRAW 12

I am so very sure that you would be thankful.

All others, they pay.

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wrong site

by Jaqui In reply to CORAL DRAW 12

We do not condone or assist with criminal activities like that.
you want corel draw suite, go to and buy it, all legal like.

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Well a couple of things

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to CORAL DRAW 12

First Corel Draw 12 is old and it was discontinued ages ago. The current version is Corel Draw X5.

You are asking about a product that is obsolete just like Windows 200 is.

As far as downloading Corel Draw, Corel Corporation has a Trial Version of this available on their Web Site here

If you are seriously looking for a copy of Corel Draw 12 even with the years that it has been out of production on a download site you are asking for a Criminal Act to be perpetrated and as such any IT professional will not be involved.

I'm not willing to sit in jail as a Conspirator for something that I get nothing out of for people that I don't know.

Besides X5 is cheap enough so why do you need to steal it?


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I get asked that all the time in my work

by santeewelding In reply to Well a couple of things

"No skin off your nose," I tell them, if we are caught. Plenty off mine, though. "Thank you for having considered my welfare," I tell them.

Then, I tell them a choice few other things.

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These 'other things'...

by NexS In reply to I get asked that all the ...

Hammers and a collection of different lengthed screwdrivers?

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by santeewelding In reply to These 'other things'...

Ill-advised, improvisational slam-shotgun pipe arrangements, for example; which, I am perfectly capable of fashioning. Or, illegal motor-vehicle exhaust setups. Or, suppressed or automated thingies. Goes on and on.

No skin off their noses.

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RE: illegal motor-vehicle exhaust setups

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to No

I have a Pipe bender how makes those for me. Does a lovely job even if I used to drive him nuts by constantly dragging the excuses for Mufflers on the Race Trace.

He got really nasty one day when he said to me that I was worse than the Professional Riders. I got very upset as I always show Mechanical Sympathy. Mainly because I pay to repair things afterward.

But on that occasion he was insisting that I couldn't be dragging it on the tarmac and when he looked he had to admit that it was touching. He did try leaning the bike over to see how far it had to go to touch and he seemed to think that with the right hand handle bar 3 inches off the ground I was leaning it a bit too far over.

Latter that day he went to the corner in question and bent the pipe up much higher to stop it happening again. Seems that he still thought that I was crazy but he had to say it looked impressive.

I'm not saying a single word about the guy that does all my cylinder heads though. But he loves welding them back together and making them flow more gas so I don't know what he complains about. :^0


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"flow more"

by santeewelding In reply to RE: illegal motor-vehicle ...

How many times have I had to correct what those who altered to make, "flow more"...just a little too much, there, until you see daylight where there ain't supposed to be daylight, way down in there where I tell them that, "the little guy who used to work here, the miniature one, who climbed down in there while I held the light for him -- he don't work here no more; he got hired away for a whole lot more money than I could pay". So, now, I gots to do it. How fat is your checkbook?

Oh, yes, Col. I don't say too much about this here. It's a tech site, you know.

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Well I'll not mention some of the real damage that I managed to do

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to "flow more"

Like poke the head of a Titanium Valve through the top of the combustion chamber into the Valve Gallery.

At that time the Head of that valve was wedged into a hole in the crown of the piston. Apparently that material isn't supposed to break but when you have a closing rocker break and don't run Valve Springs something has to give at 15,000 RPM.

As for finding Day Light when this guy flows things he's a pro and as his advertising says Does the Best Head Jobs in Town. Anyway if he finds daylight he has to fix it up. But with my heads he never took the holes in them to any bigger than the diameter of the valves and did a bit of work around the valve itself to improve the amount of gas that got by.

It wasn't even a matter of trying to find a replacement as it was a One of a Kind Part it had to be repaired. Apparently 3 Cam 2 Spark Plug Desmo Heads are not that common the factory made 5 Bikes that used them and spares so there should have been plenty available.


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Question from a non-motorcyclist:

by CharlieSpencer In reply to RE: illegal motor-vehicle ...

Why would you want to bend the exhaust pipes?

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