Corel Draw GS X4 runs slow over Workstation in Server 2003

By ardaga ·
Hi, guys. I had been working with Corel Draw GS X4 in a basic Xp network only sharing the files in a Storage device. This was working very well, but we change the platform and goes to Server 2003, and we are having problems running Corel Draw GS X4 on Server 2003 enviroment. When the computer start on and open Corel Draw X4, I can work very well (open the files on server fast, cut and paste fast, save and retreive fast) but after 45 minutes everything change, the performance fall down dramaticaly, to open a file takes 3 to 5 minutes, I work on it makinging changes and no problems, but to save the changes takes another 3 minutes. To open a new file takes so long. If I move the file from the server to desktop, nothing change, takes so long. If I start Corel draw X4 in the main screen, I can see the documents preview but I click it on and takes so long to open.
I would like some help to fix this problem, I will appreciate any help with this problem.

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So what is running on the Server here?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Corel Draw GS X4 runs slo ...

Things like Group Policies or Active Directory could be involved in causing this as well as the network traffic.

I'm assuming here that you originally had a Peer to Peer Workgroup and now have a Domain with the 2003 Server which if I am reading your question right replaced a XP Box which was working as a File Server.

There are many possible settings in 2003 that can cause this to happen but they all revolve around a poor initial setup of the server. What gets used depends entirely on the Network Topology.


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Coreldraw GS X4 running on Server 2003 enviroment

by ardaga In reply to So what is running on the ...

OH Smeg, Thanks for your reply, I'm agree with you, I've been checking in the server on computer management(workstation)event viewer/application and found application hang (coreldrw.exe) error and userenv error.
What I must do to fix this problem?

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OK then which version of 2003 do you have here?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Coreldraw GS X4 running o ...

Some versions support a Workgroup and others only work on a Domain. So assuming you have one of the Domain Only versions like SBS R2 what else is it doing besides being a File Server. Is it configured to allocate the DCHP?

How do the workstations get their IP Address are they Static or set to Auto?

Really it all boils down to what version of 2003 you have and what it's actually doing here. Things like running Exchange can affect this, if you have SBS you would have got ISA with it and is this running on the server?

Assuming that you have an Internet connection is this going through the server to be distributed tot he workstations?

Basically we need to know how the LAN is set up here so we can help you.


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Coreldraw GS X4 running on Server 2003 enviroment

by ardaga In reply to OK then which version of ...

We have SBS 2003 R2 and only we are using it as a file Server.
The IP addresses are in Auto for workstations.
We are not running exchange and not using ISA server.
The internet Connection is not going through Server is through the netgear jgs524 Gigabit switch and the server is a Dell Poweredge 840 Intel Xeon 2.66Ghz, 2GB Ram with 12 Workstations.
It is a basic network.


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You don't have anywhere near enough RAM for a File Server

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Coreldraw GS X4 running o ...

Fitted here that will be the problem.

You could use at least double that amount which is what I use for a XP Workstation now days. File Servers use RAM like there is No Tomorrow and 2 GIG is the Minimum for a Vista Workstation that is what I fit to NB's for light users on a server it's way too little.


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