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CorelDraw Suite vs Adobe

By Tink! ·
Graphic Designers - if cost was not a worry, what would your choice be?:

CorelDraw Premium Suite v.X5 (NOT the CorelDraw Graphics Suite x6 because that one doesn't have a Flash creator)


Adobe Design & Web Premium?

and if cost was a concern? would you recommend the Corel Suite?

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Tink personally I would go with Corel Draw

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to CorelDraw Suite vs Adobe

But maybe I'm biassed as I've been using it since the days of Corel Draw 2 or 3 and have a lot of History with it.

While I have used Adobe in it's various versions for a while I always default back to Corel Draw as I'm happier using it.

However the lack of Flash I don't think is the Killer that it once would have been.


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Ok yea a wee bit late....but I thought I should let you know

by Tink! In reply to Tink personally I would g ...

that I did end up getting the Corel Draw Suite 5 AND Adobe Dreamweaver 6.

As it turns out, the web design program in the Corel suite is absolutely bogus. You can't import existing websites into it, and you can't edit code other than the code it allows you to through its templates, thus I bought Dreamweaver.

I am using the Flash program which actually, for being a "mini" it is excellent for what I need to do. :-)

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