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    by tesvencorp ·

    We need a “fix-it” IT person in our office full-time and I am having an impossible time finding such a service. Can anyone direct me to one? (I’m in Long Beach CA.)

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      by w2ktechman ·

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      hpw much are you willing to spend, and please give more details.

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      by camis ·

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      I’m interested. Please contact regarding the details

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      More Info

      by tesvencorp ·

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      Presently we use a “VAR” and pay a set retainer that posts a person at our office 40 hours per week, 7 to 4. It also gives us a kind of “client rep” who is supposed to provide a higher level counsel re IT issues. The former has failed because the posted person is not helpful, and barely responsive; the latter fails because he is totally reactive.
      If we brought someone in, we’d prefer not as an employee, but as a contractor so that vacations and sick days would be covered also. Also, the person would need to be proactive, self-updating, and personable.
      We’re thinking to hire more specialized persons/companies for specific tasks as needed (such as sharepoint expertise, presently).
      So, I couldn’t say dollar for dollar what we should pay as I’m not sure what you would bring to the table.
      First consideration is location — is Long Beach convenient for you?
      Next, what idea do you have for hours (a shorter time on site maybe okay if your service were readily available when a problem arose)?
      What are you willing to do this for, and on what basis?

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      by tesvencorp ·

      In reply to Corporate In-House Help

      Okay, I can’t in touch with you through this website, so please call me 310.233.3003

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