Corporate network + public workstation + One Internet Connection = VLANS?

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I have a corporate network of 12 workstations, 1 windows 2003 File Server, an HP Procurve 2626 switch, and a Netvanta 3448 Router. The router is connected to DSL Internet connection and all is working fine. Here is the trouble; the IT director wants a Linux workstation connected to the switch to access the Internet but NOT any of the devices on the corporate LAN. HA, easy you say. VLANS! Maybe, but everything I have tried seems to lead to failure. I have tried all manner of creating VLANS on the 2626 but just don't manage to make it work. Here is my most probable configuration:

3 VLANS; VL1, VL2, VL3

Router connected to Port 1
Port 1 = VL1(UnTagged) VL2(Tagged) VL3(Tagged)

Port 2 connected to Linux box
Port 2 = VL1(No) VL2(Tagged) VL3(No)

Ports 3-24 connected to server & workstations
Ports 3-24 VL1(No) VL2(No) VL3(Tagged)

Well, for me this configuration doesn't work. Neither the workstations nor the linux workstation can get to the internet. They cannot see each other either so this could be considered a partial success <smyle>

Remember, with the switch set to defaults (default_LAN) all works fine. Can anyone tell me where I am going wrong. I am certain that I am just missing something fundemental.

Thanx in advance!

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