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Here we go again...

by Corporate Refugee In reply to Corporate Refugee

<p>Information Technology..How I found myself employed in this industry sector is well, completely by accident. And you know what ?  I think after 13 plus years being involved in pointless projects, wasting millions of dollars its probably time to try and give something back. An honourable intention yes, but how ?</p>
<p>I suppose I could become a whistle blower and provide unsolicited information to the stock market on how the companies I have worked for have and are continuing to spend money on consultants to do "work" which in essence is a waste of time, or alternatively  perhaps I could write a book. Problem is I believe that most people already know what goes on and accept the grim reality of corporate waste. So I don't really think that it would sell enough copies to keep food on the table for my family. And besides I would have to stack on some weight to do a fair impersonation of Michael Moore.</p>
<p> Also I myself have dined at the table of excess with a couple of dinners and excursions obstensibly for the development and investigation of software, but all along there has remained a nagging feeling that this is not quite right and that I am defrauding someone or something...It however goes on & on.</p>
<p>Once I recall at the behest of Senior executive, myself and about 300 others were put through a 3-4 day course based on Stephen Coveys' "The Seven Habits of highly successful people". Now I would hate for any prospective reader to think that I am cynical, but the whole thing was 3-4 days of "nose in the trough". The 300 odd people involved would have been on salaries of around 100k, give or take some $$ so as you can see it would have cost a bucket load. I personally saw the whole thing as a giant waste of time given that it took entire teams of people of site to teach them about personal development. Too bad about their deliverables or projects. I went along as I saw it as a 3 day holiday at a beach side resort. Which it was for me. The only personal reflection I got was from the surface of the sea as it rippled in the sunlight during my morning jogs . A true self examination which has no doubt helped me progress to the heady heights of management where I now find myself.  </p>
<p>Perhaps the rippling surface of the sea was in fact a true reflection of corporate life in the IT shop. It waxes and wanes with tide of trends and the new CIO's best friends. There is no logic attached to it and just forget trying to develop any. </p>
<p>And me well I will continue to document my thoughts here as a precuser to me jumping off the IT/Corporate bandwagon. I have taken action to begin to give something back by developing my writing talents. ( Or lack thereof..)</p>
<p>I hope you enjoy this little read.  I will regail you further with my experiences in due course. </p>
<p>Continuing the journey to find a corporate home..</p>
<p>The Corporate Refugee.</p>

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