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Corporate Screensaver with Pushable Content

By thewebcamman ·
We are looking for a corporate screensaver that allows us to push content onto our user's systems. So far all we have found is the Auto Web View Screensaver ( ) What we like about this product is that we can modify our user's settings using GPOs on Active Directory or by updating a configuration file on our web server. The product periodically checks for updates and changes the user's settings accordingly.

What is really strange is that so far this is all I have been able to find. If anyone knows of other products with similar functionality please let me know.


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We bought this and love it

by temp In reply to Corporate Screensaver wit ...

We used it to display Web content on our clients' machines - works like a dream.

If you contact them, tell them MartyY sent ya!


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Another option for corporate push screen saver

by j.rensmann In reply to Corporate Screensaver wit ...

Dear mArtY,

hope I am not to late on your posting here. My company is offering RSS based screen saver that we customize to clients demands completly (including screen design etc.) and that are managable with GPO on client side as well as using a back end for administration of rss sources used in the saver, mandatory content, options / content for the user to pick from (personalization) etc.

We knwo we need to develop a more professional english web page - but at you find a lot of different screen shots - and if you like I would provide some background material we do have as PDF.

Clients using our solution for internal communication include big names in Germany like t-Mobile, Sparkassen, Daimler or Volkswagen - and abroad we are working i.g. for AVAYA or Bombardier...

Would be happy to get in touch and share our experience and our example in case we might be an option for your request...

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New screensaver push product 2/09

by agodfrey In reply to Corporate Screensaver wit ...

Entre Computer Services (
has developed a sceen saver product and is currently marketing it to hospitals albeit it can be modified for general use.

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by mslucas In reply to New screensaver push prod ...
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Interactive, corporate digital signage screensavers

by paula.cassin In reply to Corporate Screensaver wit ...

Thought I'd point you to a new software that makes it easy to update screensavers across an organization regularly, target them to specific groups of people, and cycle multiple screensaver elements at the same time. You can upload jpg, html, rss headlines, flash or video content.

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EScreenz Screensaver Push

by mslucas In reply to Corporate Screensaver wit ...

Hello -
My firm offers this solution and it is in use at several Large Upstate NY hospitals and some large Enterprise Corporations.

Please Call me or email for more info.
585 269 4702

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Sabercom Corporate Communications Screensaver

by ocandy In reply to Corporate Screensaver wit ...

Sabercom offer a corporate screensaver that allows you to push content to employee desktops from a web based administrator. Different content can be pushed to different teams of people and our corporate screensaver can show: Intranet, webpages, images, sound, flash, PowerPoint, video and text (RSS, static or animated)

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check out

by agodfrey In reply to Corporate Screensaver wit ...

check out

You can push content or use content provided for verticals including corporations, hospitals, colleges and government.

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SnapComms offer push screensaver messaging

by sarah.perry In reply to Corporate Screensaver wit ...

The SnapComms solution can be targeted based on existing Active Directory settings and/or new groups can be set up.

The solution supports, images, flash and PowerPoint, video, RSS and also provide templates allowing you to design a screensaver within it.

Message scheduling (start date and expiry) and reporting is also part of the package.

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I use Sabercom

by MTVB In reply to SnapComms offer push scre ...

I came across this thread a couple of months ago whilst looking for a similar product and decided to go for sabercom. I am using the screensaver and I can also integrate this with their digital signage software.

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